Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today me and Josh went with some friends; Greg and Megan Jacobson and Jacob and Brittani Merryweather, snowmobiling at Lake Creek. Me and Josh go four wheeling and camping there during the summer, and I think this is where we will spend alot of our time "playing". It was such a good day to go snowmobiling, the sun was out, the weather was perfect, and the company was great!
I of course forgot to take a camera with us! So you will just have to deal with this picture of a snowmobile that kinda looks like the one we rented today!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Little Guys

Max eating Copper's "Christmas Bone"
The little guys sleeping.
Look how big Sam looks next to Max!

Me and Sammer... He is a poser!

This is Sam's "Young Chap" pose.
Life around the Goode house is pretty boring lately. Josh and I have been really busy lately, so we dont really get to do alot of fun things. So here are some pictures of our cute "babies". They have been geting along so well with eachother, and Sam doesnt even get too jealous anymore!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Look here!

Any of you who read my mom's blog as well as mine, have seen her NEW WALL.
On her new wall she has a new shelf, that Josh built (and I "helped") for her for Christmas. Josh is going to start taking orders on these. You can have it as custom as you want, or as simple as you want, and you can have any color you want too.
If you are interested in a shelf like this, or have a design for a shelf that you want built. Go to Josh's blog, and get his contact info., and call him or email him! He can usually have a shelf completely done in about 3 days.

P.S. He is also going to start building some magnet boards, some shelves with mirrors in them, and some other things like that. So if you are interested in those, go to his blog and let him know!

Monday, January 12, 2009

T & G Finish

Josh has started his own blog! I think everyone should check it out and see Josh's fabulous workmanship!

For all of you who dont know, Josh owns his own business and has his General Contractors license. He does lots of things, but mostly finish carpentry. I think he does a pretty dang good job at a lot of things (but I might be a little biased!).

Check out his blog, and leave a comment on there if you want anything done to your house, or you know anyone who might want anything done to their house.
He doesn't have pictures of all of his work on there yet, but there are some really good pictures so far of what he has done, with more to come. So keep checking it and see what he has added.


Clean House

So... With all the Christmas hustle and bustle, my house got a little neglected! We had some pretty rotten food in our fridge left over from all the Christmas dinners we had, and some left over chicken that some how exploded or something in the fridge that was smelling REALLY bad! Since I cant stand the smell of rotten food (Frankly, I don't know who can?), Josh cleaned out the fridge. Not only did he clean the fridge, he took out the shelves, wiped them down, and removed all the rotten food, while I stood on the "deck" gagging for all the neighbors to hear. (At one point, I looked over in our neighbors yard, and one of our neighbors was BBQing! ha)

After Josh was done doing that, I did do the dishes and cleaned the stove. So here are some pictures!

Our nice clean fridge, with nothing but the necessities.

Milk, Mtn. Dew, water, jam, garlic... haha
Josh cleaned the front of the fridge and made it all shiney.

The clean stove.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Some people (Monica) have been getting on my case about not blogging. So here are some New Years Resolutions I have thought of for the new year.

1. Be a better wife, and better mama to the little guys, and spend more time with Josh.

2. Go to the temple more often. Seriously I can count on my hands how many times I have been since me and Josh got married. Not so good.

3. Cook more meals at home. (Its hard to cook for two people. And I am not a big fan of left overs.)

4. Blog More.

5. Get to work on time. This is seriously impossible for me! I cant do it. (We are doing pretty good with church though.)

So bring it on 2009!