Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a freaky, spooky, fun-filled day!
Sam the Pirate
P.S. Sam might be getting a baby brother this weekend! Yay! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun Weekend!

This weekend, Courtney, Bekah, Monica, and me went and saw High School Musical 3. We went and had lunch at The Lion House, at University Mall, and made our way over to Wynsong Theatres to start watching this much anticipated movie! After lots of cheesy songs, and moments that were so funny you had to laugh out loud, we left 3 minutes early. Monica was already late to work, and we didnt want her to be ever later! Here are some pictures before the show started with the cast! Can you find Monica?

Josh's mom's birthday was last Sunday, and after the movie, I needed to go get her a present! But Bekah had to take a pee break, so while she was in the bathroom, me and Courtney found these AWESOME pink colenders!
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3... Finally turned out okay haha

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


deer hunting Pictures, Images and Photos

Last night, Josh, Nate (the business partner/"friend"), Stuart (the brother-in-law) and myself went deer hunting. Now... I have never been hunting in my life. All I know is Josh loves it, and last year he went and came home with a spike elk, some pheasants (Golden Eagles as I call them :)), and a HUGE bull elk.

Actual photo of the Bull Elk...

I dont like to eat elk (Josh tried to tell me it tastes like beef... It doesn't), and I "tried" some deer last year... And I thought it tasted like weeds. I am just going to stick with regular meats, like chicken, and beef. They taste much better, and I dont have to see it hanging in my garage "bleeding out" for the next week.
Anyways... As Josh picked me up from work to start this "wonderful" adventure, I was kind of excited! I get to spend the night with my husband (which is VERY RARE) doing something he loves, and maybe I will like. As I put on my cute Roxy Camo hat that my wonderful Aunt Brenda gave me last year, I told Josh I was going to be the cutest hunter out there. He justed laughed, and now that I think back, it was more of an evil laugh than an agreeing laugh. (Cause he knew what was ahead) We met Stu and Nate at the "secret spot". And as soon as I stepped out of the truck, it was FREEZING! I made sure it was known too, I told Josh it was freezing, and I think that was the last thing I said the rest of the time! To my surprise hunting consists more of tip-toeing around a mountain side, not talking, squinting your eyes to see a deer, and a whole lot of sitting and staring. As the night progressed, I decided to wander, and enjoy the scenery, despite it being so cold, it was pretty up on the mountain side. Soon the sun started to set, (I was praying it would go down faster, that way we could leave!), and then the deer started to show up a little. I only saw one buck the whole time I was on the mountain side, and no one shot it. Which is fine by me! All I can think about deer hunting is somewhere there is a little Bambi, who's Dad might get shot and killed, and not come back. (Josh hates that movie cause it makes hunting "look bad") The night got colder, the wind blew harder, and I started to walk back to the truck. Josh, Nate, and Stu, were still on the mountain side. The hill was pretty steep, so I did a little sideways step, walk zig-zag down the mountain, which added up to be like 3 miles more walking than what the boys did. I got to the trucks, and like 2 seconds later, the boys showed up. Of course I had to take the long way!

Last night, when we got home, I told Josh I was never going hunting again!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures taken, as well as a "family shot" for me and Josh, and some Senior Pictures for my younger sister. They turned out pretty good. My favorite is the one with Timp. in the background.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Real Salt Lake

Oh lay oh lay oh lay oh lay... Real Salt Lake!

Last night Josh and I went to the Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bulls game at the new Rio Tinto Stadiumin Salt Lake. My wonderful mom got Josh the tickets for his birthday. He loved every second of it! Josh was totally in his element, and at towards the end, he was getting really into the game and yelling and cheering! It was a good game, and I had lots of fun. Even though it was cold! The new stadium is so cool! I hope we can go again!
The sprinklers turned on before the game started. It was kinda funny!

We had such good seats! This is on my camera phone, not zoomed in or anything!

The Real Lion was SO crazy... He's in the middle of the field going crazy with the Real Flag.

These little soccer playing cuties played during the half. They were so excited!

This is before the game started. I was so freezing! At least Josh looks cute! :)

Thanks again Mom for the awesome tickets!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I saw this on Whitnee North's blog, and I thought I would try it! Mostly to waste time at work, but it looked fun too!

Whitnee did 100 facts on herself and 50 on TJ! I was impressed! I decided to do 50 on me and 50 on Josh! :)

50 Facts about me:
1. I am OCD about light switches. They all need to be down if the lights are off, and up if the light is on. Our house makes me CRAZY cause they are all backwards!
2. I love celery now! I used to hate the taste of it, and one day Josh got some sticky fingers from Wingers and it came with celery and i decided to eat one and loved it!
3. I eat Skittles 2 at a time, and they have to be the same color. If there are any left overs Josh gets them!
4. I love the smell of laundry.
5. I am late to everything! No matter how much I try to be on time, I always end up being late!
6. I taught my little sisters primary class with Josh before we were married.
7. I dont know what I am going to name by daughters! All the boy names are picked out!
8. I am addicted to blogging!
9. I love clean sheets and towels! I love to get into bed when they smell good, and i love getting out of the shower and smelling clean towels!
10. I love four wheeling with Josh!
11. I enjoy camping, unless its cold, and Sam is all over the place. Then I get frustrated!
12. I love garlic!
13. When i was little me and my sisters would drink pickle juice and run around the house!
14. I love shopping for house decorations.
15. I once pushed our family dog Tippy out of the playhouse in the backyard and broke his leg. He was going to attack my sister!
16. I never talked to Josh in high school. I knew of him, but never knew him. He dated or kissed like seriously all of my friends!
17. I love reading Twilight, I cant wait for the movie to come out! And i think one of my clients is a vampire!
18. I love reality TV
19. I love celebrity gossip!
20. My favorite food is Italian. If i could i would eat something italian every night!
21. I dont like anything spicy. Even the hint of spicy
22. I love being an aunt! Its so fun... Especially when you can give the screaming child back!
23. I will randomly get on a healthy food kick for about a week, and then for the next 3 months, i will eat nothing but french fri's and ice cream to make up for it!
24. I have dated 2 guys at the same time. I dont suggest it!
25. I would always wear black shirts if i could.
26. I like my hair short.
27. I am the oldest of 4 girls.
28. I love watching movies! Especially funny movies!
29. I always laugh too loud at inappropriate times
30. I have never drank, smoked, or done drugs! And i am proud to say that!
31. I check my email at least 50 times a day! At every time I do, I have at least one new email.
32. I love rainy days were you sit around all day and hang out.
33. I fall asleep to the TV every night!
34. I am paranoid someone will break into my house.
35. I am home alone alot cause Josh is always working!
36. I am really close to my family.
37. I enjoy the fall. The weather always seems to be so nice, and i love seeing the changing leaves!
38. I love listening to music!
39. I once rode around Josh's parents triangle on Josh's bike with no shoes!
40. I cry almost everytime I watch A Baby Story on TLC. I love seeing the daddies be so proud of their new child!
41. I eat lunch at my house everyday, and I feed Copper and Sam then too.
42. I hate when Sam finds gross things to roll in!
43. I throw up easily.
44. I love having Girls Nights with old friends! Its so nice to act like a kid again in this "grown up" world!
45. I love family get togethers! My family always gets dirty looks for being so loud!
46. I suck at pretty much every sport!
47. I hate cutting my toe nails! My mom has always done it for me! haha Or I just get pedicures!
48. I love high heels!
49. I love cooking deserts, I just wish I had more time to do it!
50. I am married to the sweetest, hottest, funniest guy in the world! :)

50 Facts about Josh:
1. He has a new love of salad, thanks to me and my mom!
2. He loves to hunt!
3. He is an awesome soccer player! And he still has awesome skills!
4. He can not drive ANYWHERE without making a phone call!
5. He loves Wendy's
6. He would rather sit on opposite sides of the couch and share a blanket then cuddle
7. Josh tried to teach me how to load his hand gun "in case anyone broke in." I told him I would never shoot anyone, I would just beat them up!
8. He loves trucks. And blames it on work that he has to have one.
9. He will be an awesome dad one day!
10. He has a fabulous eye for detail in everything he does!
11. He is really strong! His arms are seriously as big as my face!
12. He is addicted to Diet Pepsi Max and Mountain Dew!
13. He loves to grill on the BBQ
14. Josh has built and refinished alot of our furniture
15. He is extremely smart at everything! He can figure stuff out so fast!
16. He owned his own business before he was 22 years old!
17. Sometimes he can be really annoying! He knows just how to puch my buttons!
18. He is really stubborn sometimes!
19. He has a great sense of humor! He makes me laugh all the time!
20. We like so scare each other. So far Josh is in the lead! Of course! But I have got him a few times!
21. He has awesome work ethic. Sometimes too awesome!
22. He would go out of his way to help anyone!!
23. He has beautiful eyes and eye lashes!
24. He can eat really loud sometimes! haha
25. One day he is going to build us a nice house. That will have everything we want in it! Like a master bathroom! :)
26. He likes spicy things!
27. He loves asparugus (spelling). I cooked it once, and it was pretty good. I just think it looks like a weed.
28. He is constinatly looking at KSL for a new 4 wheeler dispite how many times i have told him, he is not getting a new one!
29. He loves to go camping! He sleeps better camping then he does anywhere else.
30. He used to be addicted to texting! He would have to be texting at least one person or else he would FREAK out and randomly text more people.
31. He is a good brother to his siblings.
32. He is an Eagle Scout. He got his drivers license a month late cause he didnt get it in time.
33. Sam loves when his Daddy comes home! He jumps all over his legs and waits for Josh to pick him up and licks his face!
34. He is really good at doing wheelies at the Sand Dunes.
35. He likes to check my blog. I think its just so he can see what i say about him! haha
36. He likes hard rock and scream-o music
37. He is getting grey hair! haha I find them all the time!
38. His favorite restaurant is Wingers. Everytime we are in Provo, we have to eat there! I am getting sick of it personally, I miss Cafe Rio!
39. He misses Steve every once and a while. And so do i!
40. He likes to go for rides in the mountains
41. He is a great friend
42. For our first "date" went to the AFI concert. I got a black eye from "Pirate Guy" and Josh punched the dude! haha
43. He likes Family Guy and the Simpsons but loves Seinfeld
44. He finished my parents basement, he turned it into a theatre room
45. He was born in Heber
46. He is a great carpeder
47. He puts up with me everyday! And has put up with me for more than a year!
48. He is really shy when he doesnt know anyone
49. He has kissed like every girl in Heber! SERIOUSLY! haha
50. He is my prince charming! :)