Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Cake

Me and Josh got home late on Monday night, so we decided to eat the top of our wedding cake on the anniversary of when we "lived together!"
Here are some pictures of the cake. It was actually pretty good.
Josh eating some cake

Me haha

Even Sam wanted some! haha



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Year!

Dont mind the Double Chin. I was laughing histarically! The blinky glasses :)

Only about half the tickets Josh actually won!

I wasn't quite as good as Josh was at the Elvis coin pusher! haha

Dont mind the flaired nostril in this picture. All the smoke from the casino was getting to us!

Josh gambeling... He lost like $15
Gas was so cheap in Vegas. Josh had to take a picture of it!

It was me and Josh's one year anniversary on Monday! We decided to take a trip to Vegas for the weekend. It was so much fun to get away and just spend time together! We stayed the night Saturday at a sketchy motel in St George. We went and watched a movie, and had dinner and drove around that night, and I showed Josh my old house, and elementary school. Unfortunatly our freaking camera wouldnt work (It hasnt worked since the sand dunes. I think there is sand in it... Oops!) But it was still fun! I got really excited showing Josh were i spent my childhood! haha

Sunday we drove to Vegas, and spent Sunday and Monday there. We stayed at the Stratosphere. They had a nice swimming pool on the 8th floor that we swam in. We walked the strip 3 and a half times, and it seriously KILLED us! haha On the drive home we stopped at In-N-Out in St George, and we looked like 80 year olds trying to get out of my car! haha Needless to say we need to start to work out more! Saturday night we decided we didint want to get kicked out of the casino's for a minor gambeling (ME! haha) so we walked to Circus Circus and played the arcade games! It was so much fun! I schooled Josh at Skeet-Ball and the water balloon game! And I won Sam a new toy! haha And a bunch of crap, like the blinky glasses I am wearing! haha After Circus Circus, Josh played slots for a second, and we left and walked the strip wearing the blinky glasses. I am almost positive people thought we were drunk. But we weren't! I swear! haha

On Saturday, Josh couldn't wait to give me my anniversary present, so i got it 2 days early! (I am so lucky!) It was a wedding band to go with my engagement ring! This picture doesnt do it justice! Its beautiful! I love finally having a wedding band. Maybe now people will stop asking what grade I am in! haha

Sorry the pictures kinda suck they were all taken from the camera phone...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tonight Josh, myself, my parents, and my two youngest sisters, Bekah and Aryn, went to watch my sister, Courtney, play in the powder puff game at the high school. After Aryn and Courtney went to the bon-fire, Josh, myself, my parents, and Bekah went to the Dairy Keen to get some ice cream. While we were there, Bekah went to go fill a water cup with water for an "expirement", and while she was gone, my dad poured some salt in Bekah's water.

This was her reaction!
Typical Bekah reaction too!
Me and Josh talked her into having a drinking contest and we gave her the salt water, and she chugged and then spit the water out, saying, "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS WATER!"
It was priceless! I wish I had a video camera!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Josh's New Truck!

So I forgot to mention in Josh's Birthday post, that we bought him a new truck! He has needed a new one for a while, but we didnt really want to spend the money or time of selling his old truck, and looking for a new one. But one day, randomly, we went to Provo, and drive past Ken Garff Nissan, and passed this beauty! haha I think it was love at first sight for Josh, we walked right over to it and asked the salesman how much it was! Of course, it was more than we thought, but Josh still got it!

Sorry the picture kinda sucks, I took it on my phone before we went 4-wheeling. Thats also why the 4-wheelers are on the back of it! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh's birthday was on Tuesday. My wonderful parents gave us a night at the Zermatt on Monday.

Thanks for the fabulous hotel room, Mom and Dad! We loved it!

Me and Josh went and had a "Birthday Dinner" at the mexican restaurant in
Midway (I dont know how to spell it, and I am not even going to try and attempt spelling it! haha), and after we went and had cheesecake and ice cream at my parents house!
The Birthday Boy! :)
Even Sam got some ice cream!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam got a hair cut!

Long Hair
Short Hair

Sam got a much needed hair cut this past week! While he was getting his hair cut, he got to play with a little girl, and when i went to pick him up, he didnt want to leave! Well... Untill I said, "Let's Go Buh-Bye!" His favorite sentance! haha

Doesn't he look so much better!?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Stephanie caught this lizard. It was a baby, and we named it Willy I had the coolest flag there! It was pink with a skull.
Miss Stephanie and Me
Josh... Check out the BIG dust cloud behind him!
Josh is letting pressure out of his tires. That is what our red neck friends told us to do... Apparently it makes you go faster! Roger Dodger is helping!
Josh... Again

Labor Day weekend, me and Josh went to the Sand Dunes with some of our friends. It was the first time I had ever been, and it was SO MUCH FUN! On Friday night, we stayed at the face of Sand Mountain, and I didnt get sleep, at all! So the next night we went to White Sand Campground. It was a lot quieter! We met lots of red necks there, and unforunatly our camera wasnt working for most of the time, so we only have a few pictures.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Blog!

So... Here goes nothing!

This is my first blog. Though I dont really know how to start things out... I will just put up some pictures of Josh and I. :)
Two of our engagement pictures! These are all i had on my work computer! :)