Thursday, August 26, 2010

fun size

whoever came up the the "fun sized" candy bars should go to jail for false advertisment.
in my world, "fun sized" would be like a 5 foot long candy bar,
that weighed 5 lbs. and took me an entire day to eat.
in this world, "fun size" means a tiny candy bar that i can eat in maybe two bites.

now, this is "FUN SIZED"
{plus, look how happy that little child's squishy little face is.}
that candy bar is as big as she is!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

its my party...

... and i'll cry if i want too...
yesterday was my 22nd birthday. its weird that i am in my early-twenties. josh and i have celebrated 5 years of birthdays together. crazy!
my 17th birthday: josh called me, and i didnt have his phone number in my cell phone. it was awkward and random... and my "boyfriend" at the time who was also named josh didnt appreciate it.
my 18th birthday: josh and i just started dating. we went to dinner with my family, and then we went with my sisters to see Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. we still talk about that night. it was fun!
my 19th birthday: i dont remember much about this birthday. josh and i were engaged, and our wedding was in a month. times were crazy! this is probably why i dont remember this birthday. :)
my 2oth birthday: my first birthday with josh and i being married. we went to dinner with my family, plus Monica (my cousin) at Sizzler. this is also the same year my mom crashed on the 4-wheeler and broke her foot. Josh got me a pink iPod nano for this birthday.
my 21st birthday: i had a rockin' 21st birthday party with a 90's theme. it was a blast! so many friends and family members came to it. we had an awesome BBQ, cool jams, and yummy cake! you can reminisce about it here. josh got me a pink Sony camera.
my 22nd birthday: josh and i worked for the majority of the day. we got off work fairly early, and went to dinner with my family and my nana at Olive Garden in Provo. as usual we were way too loud than necessary, and had a great time! we went and did a little shopping after dinner, and went back to our house for cake and ice cream. for this birthday josh got me a lap-top. my own personal lap-top. loooove it! it came with a pink case.
are you catching a trend here? i think i LOVE technology and PINK!!
josh knows me too well! :)

{this adorable child isnt me, but this is what i look like blowing out my candles. i am that cool.}

i have had many memorable birthdays, including this years! thanks so much to everyone who text me, called me, and left me facebook messages and wished me a happy birthday!!