Monday, November 15, 2010

changin' times

i dont know if its the weather lately and the time change, but i am starting to feel the winter blue's. i hate it. i hate winter. i hate cold. i hate that its dark at 5 o'clock. i'm ready for a change. i am trying to convince Josh we need to go here, or even here. but i think we will hold off on going on one of these.

also, i found out in August i am going to graduate school. seriously? crap, now i have to grow up, and get a real job, like a career. i'm sort of freaking about that.

we got another dog a few weeks ago. oh man, this little guy is fiesty. he will be josh's hunting dog so he will be outside, but for now he is in the house. sam fights fight all the time with him. max is still really jealous and wont play with him for too long. its a good thing he's cute or one day he might mysteriously "run away".

another thing, today in my ethics class, we were discussing our chapter about Caring. the class went into a heated discussion about marriages and men and women's relationships. one of the crazy authors {Helen Andelin, we were discussing her writing Fascinating Womanhood} we read about in this chapter was saying its a women's job to make a man feel manly by just doing everything for him. i completly disagree. men and women should have equal parts in a marriage. after class i was talking with my good friend, who is a boy that i have been friends with since before high school. he asked if me and Josh's marriage was like that crazy lady said it should be. I answered with a "HELL NO!" and then said, "one time i refused to do Josh's laundry until he started putting his dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. and guess what happened, he started putting his clothes CLOSER to the dirty clothes hamper." i am like the best wife.

one more thing, have you heard this little girl sing? she is amazing!!