Sunday, December 28, 2008


My family has always had lots of traditions around Christmas time. We have sharred some of them with Josh, and me and Josh have started some of our own.

1. My little sister Bekah has a dance recital at Swiss Christmas every year.

2. We always go to the Creche, in the past we have gone with a neighbor family also, but they have moved since then, and now we just go as a family.

3. We always go look at the gingerbread houses. My bosses wife, Tonia, every year makes the best and prettiest ginger bread houses.

4. On Christmas Eve we open one present, its always pajamas. This year Josh got Mountain Dew pj's and I got some green pj's. After opening pj's my dad will read Luke II in the scriptures, and we watch the movie, Luke II, that the church produced.

5. We always go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Sometimes with pj pants on. This year we all got hungry and stopped at Sonic. I think this is our new favorite ice cream/snacky place.

6. When I was living at my parents (before I was married), me and my sisters would sleep in the same room. We wouldnt ever get much sleep. Now that I am married, me, Josh, Sam, and Max sleep in the same bed on Christmas Eve. Its just as crowded with them as it is with 3 little sisters.

7. Christmas morning, we go to Josh's parents house, and see what Keldon got for Christmas. Josh says we have to do this, cause he misses his little brother.

8. We always go to my parents right after that, and hang out with my family. This year, Josh and my dad snow blowed driveways for a while.

9. After we visit our parents, because we are so self-less we open the presents we got for eachother. (I am totally kidding, it usually cause we sleep in, and have to hurry to get places.) Since we are usually always together when we are shopping for Christmas, we try to get at least one surprise for each other every year. This year, I got Josh a hoodie, shirt, and a one day pass to the Canyons to go skiing. This year Josh got me a hoodie that he spent WAY too much on.

10. The day after Christmas we go to Logan for Josh's mom's side of the family Christmas party. This year, we stayed in Logan an extra two days, and Josh went hunting, and I went "shopping" with Angie, Connor, Brennan, and Keldon. Needless to say, I was pooped by 3 o'clock. I told Josh after that day, we arent having kids. (I am kidding mom :))

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meet Max

Josh and I got a new puppy on Thursday. We love him so much! He is alot smaller than Sam was at this age. Sam is having some jealousy issues, but he is doing alot better!

Max likes to walk and scratch his collar, bark, play with his BIG brother, walk in circles, go up stairs-but not down, give kisses, be fearless, jump off couches, and just be little...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Time!

Josh and I put up our Christmas tree, and decorated our porch with lights on Tuesday. It was so cold outside! I wish it would just snow already!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas

I got Christmas early this year. Our old washer and dryer broke this past weekend. So I got these babies at the Sears Outlet in Orem. Buy one get one free! You cant get any better than that!
Even if I do hate the blue, its slowly growing on me! :)