Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Bash!

On Saturday, it was my sister Aryn's 17th birthday. We celebrated it without her. :) She decided to ditch her own party and hang out with friends. (I think I have done that a few times growing up! It happens to the best of us.) We went to Olive Garden with Nana and Grandpa, Bekah, mom and dad, and obviously me and Josh. Courtney and her beau, Jake, met us there. It was a yummy dinner, even though one of the waiters would give me a plate, and 5 seconds later he took it away (Maybe he was trying to tell me the unlimited salad and bread sticks actually does have a limit!). We had a wonderful time chatting about "The Jersey Shore", Nana finally retiring, and wonderful memories we share. It is always a good time when we go out... Sometimes we get a little loud, but its always a good time!
After we had dinner, we went and watched "Tooth Fairy" (You know, the kid movie with THE ROCK). It was my second time seeing it. It is so good! I love it. Its so funny! (In a 5 year old immature way) The funniest part of the whole night though, and you can ask Josh-he was crying cause he was laughing so hard-was when my mom knocked over the $6 bucket of popcorn, and my sister Bekah tried to grab it mid-air to save it! Even funnier though, before the movie even started, Courtney knocked over her and Jake's $6 bucket of popcorn. There was popcorn flying the whole movie from G section at the movies. Again, such a good time and we even got a little loud! (No surprise!)
SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, was my mom's birthday. Everyone piled over to our house. I told my mom Josh and I would make dinner for the family, so she could have a day were she did nothing! We had chicken parmesan, spaghetti, bread, and some yummy salad. After dinner we busted out Madagascar Karts on the xbox, watched about 20 minutes of the game, and decided to watch "UP".
What a fun filled birthday weekend!
I love you mom so much and am so thankful to have been raised by such a great lady! You are truly amazing!
I love you too Aryn, you are such a good sister! :) Thanks for always being willing to do anything!Align CenterMom, Bekah, and Dad. At my 21st Birthday party. No, they dont always wear sweet side ponies, and overalls! :)

L to R: Aryn, Me, Courtney, and Bekah. In Chicago 2008 at the Planetariam.