Thursday, February 19, 2009

valentines day

I can't believe how many comments I got on my last post! Thanks for making me feel like I am not the only one who has so many irrational fears! :)

Megan, Greg, Ashley, Chris, me, and Josh
For Valentines Day this year, me and Josh, along with our FABULOUS friends, Megan and Greg Jacobsen and Ashley and Chris Ivie, went to Bear Lake. We had so much fun! The girls made breakfast every morning, and the house smelled like bacon all weekend because of it! The boys played ping pong (they seriously were obsessed!) all day. At nights we cuddled on the couch watching seasons 3 and 4 of The Office. During the day we went extreme sledding!
We had 3 sleds and tied rope to the back of the truck. Needless to say at the end of the trip all 3 sleds were broken! We only suffered minor injuries included a split knee that Megan super glued (Josh), a swollen ankle (That was me... It didnt hurt till we went home! ha), and an entire arm from the elbow to the wrist bruised (Megan).

The boys trying to ski.

Can you spy Josh in this picture? He's there I promise!

Josh, Greg, and Ashley. Sorry about the annoying voice. Its me! :)

Valentines Day, we woke up, made breakfast, went extreme sledding, came home, got in the hot tub to warm our little toesies, showered (Me and Josh had cold showers cause we were the last ones!), and went and ate at the Famous Old Ephraims Pizza Place. (If any of you have been to Bear Lake, you will know what I am talking about!) We bought some chocolate covered raspberries, and enjoyed our pizza! We came home and played the Newlywed Game, our own version of it! The boys then wanted to make up their own questions, and quiz us. We then played Curses, and Blurt till the wee hours of the night.

We did not order Old Ephraim. Chris tried to talk us into getting it. We got 2 papa sized ones, and didnt finish!

Sunday Morning we woke up, ate some french toast, and watched The Office. The boys fixed the sleds that were broken, then we were off again to go extreme sledding!
We ended up staying till Monday morning, and on our way home, Ashley spotted a goat stuck in the fence in a little town outside of Bear Lake. The boys rescued it and another that was stuck.

We had such a fun weekend! Thanks Megan and Greg for inviting us! And, a HUGE thanks to my family for watching the little guys! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fears . . .

I have some fears. Josh and his brother, Chris, like to call them irrational (I would like to call them rational, cause I do believe they can happen!). For example, last night we were at my parents watching My Big Redneck Wedding, and the lucky couple drove off in a monster truck, I said, "I would be so scared that a tire would pop!" Josh and my sister, Courtney, said, "I would be scared the truck would just flip over backwards." Really... I am scared that someones tire will pop while I am driving behind them, and hit my car.

In me and Josh's front room we have a coffee table that Josh made for us before we got married. Its made from iron wood (The strongest wood there is, its VERY rare, and found only in the rain forest). Sometimes when I am watching TV I think, one day, I am going to trip and fall and knock my two front teeth out on the corner.
Whenever I turn on the shower water without opening the curtain, I am scared that someone is going to be in the shower, who will grab me, and suffocate me with the plastic shower curtain. (We have a cloth shower curtain and a plastic one now... So hopefully this cant happen)
Whenever I get into my car at night, I ALWAYS check the backseat. (I know everyone has heard the scary story of the guy in the backseat with the knife, and the other someone following the persons car and flashing their lights so the killer wont stab the person driving!) My windows in my car are tinted, so even if there was someone back there, I wouldn't be lucky enough to have someone driving behind me see them.

One day, I know, I will find a homeless person sleeping in my garage. a.) because our garage isnt that hard to get into. and b.) its warmer in there than it is outside.

So... If any of you bloggers out there, have some fears that you may think are irrational, or rational, or agree with me on any of these, let me know! :) I need to prove a point to my husband. And his brother.