Wednesday, July 28, 2010


in·ap·pro·pri·ate  [in-uh-proh-pree-it] : not appropriate; not proper or suitable.

i dont think i have used this word more than when i started nannying. some examples of everyday uses of this word are:

please dont sing this song, the words are inappropriate.
please dont watch that youtube video, its inappropriate.
whoa, turn that T.V. show off, its inappropriate.
umm... that music video is defiantly something you shouldnt watch, its inappropriate.
do not throw your stuff at me, thats inappropriate behavior.

if everything is already inappropriate nowadays, what am i going to do when Josh and i finally have kids in 10 years?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

funniest thing EVER!

if you havent seen this... watch it, NOW! maybe even watch it a couple times. it is hilarious!

Friday, July 2, 2010


this blog has been neglected lately. its not due to lack of things to blog about, but lack of time to sit and actually do it. life has been a blur since the end of may, and i dont think i'll be able to catch my breath til school starts in the Park City School District in mid-August. who knows, maybe by then i'll be in a mental hospital!
Josh is work, work, working... like usual. anyone who knows Josh; knows he will work til he cant keep his eyes open, and he'll saw his fingers off.
me on the other hand, well i have been working more hours than Josh. yes, i said it... i have worked more hours than Josh. i wake up before he does, i leave to go to work before he does, and get home at night after he does. (now do you understand why life is a blur?)
things are going well at the Goode household. there will hopefully be lots of good posts in the next few weeks - who am i kidding, the next few months! :)
my little sissy got married the second weekend in June. it was a beautiful wedding. she, of course, looked absolutely gorgeous! their sealing in the Salt Lake Temple was wonderful! it was so amazing to be in the sealing room, with my parents, josh, and my sis and new brother in law. of course there were other people there too. i hope pictures of their wedding will be here soon, so everyone who blog stalks me can see how gorgeous the wedding was.
this weekend, josh and i along with my family, (minus the newlyweds) are heading down south to enjoy some time with extended family at a cabin. i am so excited to go! not only to sleep in, but to spend time with my neglected hubby!


i think Lee Greenwood said it right, in his song "Proud to be an American" (just a few excerpts from the song that i really like.) (Random tangent for anyone who is still reading, i dont remember what grade i was in back in the day at Dixie Downs Elementary School, but we sang this song to some Japanese people from our sister school in Japan. I still remember like it was yesterday)

I’d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
' Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

Well there's pride in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say.

i am proud to be an American. i am so blessed to live in a Country were can i have freedom of speech, were i can wear the clothing i want, listen to the music i want, read what i want. i am blessed to have a grandfather who loved his country enough to serve it so loyally. at his funeral when they did the 21 gun salute i couldnt have been more proud in my life!

thanks to all the veterans, and the soldiers who are fighting for me, and my future children.