Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Loving Memory...

First off, thanks so much to all my wonderful friends and family who left comments on my last post. I appreciate everything that was said. Thanks for being there for me!

It has been almost a month since my grandpa has passed away. I am still having a really hard time with it. I don't know how to get my feelings out, until it just builds up, and all I do is cry. I still have been extremely sad lately. I think Josh and I need to go to the temple. No more excuses.
I have been working on this post for the past 2 weeks. I am not sure how to put into words my feelings. I have been reading other family members blogs that have been tributing my grandpa, and I cant think of anything more to say about him. I am truly blessed with such an amazing family. Since going to the hospital and saying our good-bye's to our wonderful Grandfather, and being there for each other as a shoulder to cry on and give support to during the funeral we have all grown so close to each other.
I love that we were all able to sit around his house, with our Nana and mom's and reminisce about all the memories we had with Grandpa. We looked at pictures, made jokes, and celebrated his life! That would have been how Grandpa wanted it to be. Lots of love and smiles around his home.
I think the most memorable, yet hardest part of Grandpa's funeral was when all the grand kids got up and shared a memory of Grandpa, and what we would miss the most about him. We all loved him so much. He will be missed so much!
Josh was saying a few nights ago as we were talking about Grandpa, that the night we left the hospital, the same night as he passed, Josh went and talked to Grandpa and Grandpa took his hand and with all his strength gave Josh the best hand shake he could. I remember Grandpa trying so hard to express to all of his grand kids how much he loved each and every one of us, but because he was so weak he had a hard time speaking. Even though he was too weak to say it, he showed it in many other ways.
I love you so much Grandpa. I know that you will be missed here on Earth, but we will see you again. Maybe not as soon as we all would like, but we will. Teach me and Josh's children everything you know... Your strong testimony of the gospel, going to church, and paying tithing; how to love unconditionally; that family is everything in the end its all you've got; your famous whistle; your adventurous spirit... and so much more! I think you can leave the stubbornness up in Heaven with you though! :) Between me and Josh, I think we have got it covered! I'll make sure I tell any future great-grand daughters, " To keep their legs closed!" See you soon, Gramps! Love you so so so much!