Monday, November 3, 2014

Month {Eight}

You had a doctor appointment this month, but it wasn't a wellness check. We discovered you have a form of eczema. You get weird little dry skin patches on your back. They don't seem to bother you, they just don't look very pretty! We got some medicine that cleared up those spots! While we were at the doctor they weighed you and you weigh 19.3 pounds! I was shocked that you are already that close to 20 pounds! You are getting so big! You started out as such a little guy.
This month we took our first trip to DISNEYLAND and California with the entire Goode family! You took your first ride on an airplane! You did so good on the plane and just slept! When we got there Sunday afternoon, we went straight to the beach. You loved to eat the sand! Silly boy kept taking handfuls of sand and eating it! The waves were huge while we were there! Daddy and Uncle Norm were playing in the water and got tossed around pretty good! Daddy had to go to Urgent Care on Monday and get his ears cleaned out from all the sand that was in there. Uncle Norm was swept away, but luckily he was able to get to shore safely. It was an eventful first time to the beach!

Monday we went to California Adventure. We had so much fun at Cars Land! You and daddy walked around and saw Mater while mommy stood in line for a ride. You were such a good baby while we were there! We had a lot of fun with you! We took you on as many rides as we could, and I think you enjoyed yourself. On Tuesday we went to Disneyland. You didn't take a nap that was longer than maybe 40 minutes that whole day! You slept while we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. You were surprisingly a cheerful baby that whole day though! We took you on some fun rides. I think your favorite was Peter Pan that day though! You were screaming at the tops of your lungs and laughing through the whole thing! Disneyland closed early that day, so we went back to California Adventure and walked around Cars Land again. We loved it over there! 

Wednesday before we left to come back home we went to Disneyland again. We went on all the rides you could go on in Fantasy Land. I think you really enjoyed Its A Small World. Daddy got a video of you on it. You were so content looking around and watching all of the children singing that song! Right before we got onto the ride, Cam fell down and split his head open. He had to go get stitches. We were sad he had to leave, but happy he was okay! 

You did great on the plane ride back to Utah. You were super tired and didn't want to be held any longer so the first 20 minutes on the airplane you screamed, but fell asleep right after for the rest of the way home. 
We were sad to leave Disneyland but had such a great time while we were there! Your daddy and I can't wait to take you back when you are a little bit bigger! 

(We didn't get any pictures or videos while we were there. Mommy put the cameras in the backpack and one of daddy's Pepsi's exploded, covering the cameras in Pepsi… Luckily they dried out and still work we just didn't get any videos of you while we were there except on our phones!)

This month you are as busy as ever! You're moving all over the place. Crawling and sitting up like you have done it your whole life! You love to crawl, and are determined to get something when you see it. You are getting so fast at crawling! You love to pull your self up to stand on the ottoman in the living room. You have started to pull yourself up in the bathtub too, which is a little scary. You have fallen a few times, and it has scared you but you still do it! 
 You have learned how to roll a ball back and forth. You love when I will sit on the floor with you and roll the ball to you. You are really good at it! I love watching you discover and learn new things! You are so smart and can figure out things all by yourself. You get frustrated if you can't figure something out, but I will show you once how to do something and you usually can do it from then on out. 
 You are such a happy cheerful baby! Your daddy and I love you so, so, so, much! You bring us so much joy, and make everyday a blessing to be with you.
Cade, your daddy and I love you so much! You are our pride and joy! We cannot believe you are ours!
xx-- Mommy

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Leslie Moon Face said...

He is so freaking cute Micah! all of his pictures make me smile.