Thursday, October 23, 2014

Month {Seven}

You didn't have a doctor appointment this month. And I didn't weigh or measure you. I know you are growing and growing every day, I just don't know how much!
This month we took your first trip camping trip to the sand dunes. Grandma and Grandpa Goode and Uncle Keldon brought their trailer and camped with us for the 3 days we were there. Grandma and Grandpa Greer and Auntie Aryn and Bekah came on Saturday and spent the day with us. You were such a good baby the whole time we were there! We took rides in the RZR and every time we would go out you would fall asleep in your car seat. You loved playing in the sand and even eating it!
Holy Smokes!! You are getting so big. You are always on the move. ALWAYS! Since learning to crawl you do not stop moving. Even when you are asleep you are moving all over the place! It has been so much fun to see you discover new things while you are moving all over the place. You love to play with your trucks and push them in front of you while you crawl. If your trucks are small enough you will hold it in your hand and crawl with it. It is adorable to watch you.
You are starting to play with balls and roll them back and forth. You have learned how to do things so quickly and are so smart! Every day you surprise me with something new you have learned. I swear you learn these things in your sleep. Sometimes I don't even have to show you how to do something you just figure it out on your own!

You are starting to get a stubborn streak. Its no surprise that you are! Its quite funny to watch you get upset about something that your particular about. One thing that seems to upset you is getting in your car seat. You always arch your back and try to push away the buckles. You are also super stubborn about eating your food if you aren't at your house in the high chair. It is quite a scene when we are anywhere you and need to give you your food.

This past month has been so much fun. You are at such a fun age. It really makes every day more and more fun to be with you! You are my best little buddy. I hope you know how much your daddy and I truly do love you! You are our pride joy! We cannot believe you are ours!
xx -- Mommy

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