Thursday, July 10, 2014

Month {Four}

My goodness you are growing SO much every day!
This month you weighed: 13.2 1/2 pounds (50%)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (75%)
Head: 15 3/4 inches (25%)
It feels like time is just flying by! I can't believe it have been four blessed months since you joined our family! This month wasn't nearly as busy as last month was! You had a lot of first's last month.

Daddy was in his first demolition derby this month! You had so much fun watching him crash into cars! I think what was the most fun for you though was all of the attention you got from everyone that was there! All of your Aunts, both sets of grandparents, and Uncle Keldon were there doting over you while watching daddy! Daddy got 6th place at the Bluffdale derby, it was very fun to watch and daddy enjoyed himself too.
This month was also Daddy's first Father's Day! You spoiled him by getting him a new watch and a phone case. You were a good baby that day, and we had lots of fun playing with daddy and seeing grandparents and having a BBQ!
You and Daddy Father's Day morning
You love to read books, and play with your toy trucks. You flap your arms and try to turn the pages whenever we are reading together. You like to look at pictures with brightly colored pages. I love that you like to be read to, it will be fun when you get to read stories to me!
Your lips. I love when you concentrate really hard they poke out!

It has been so fun to see your personality come out more and more each month! You smile and laugh when you are in a good mood or recognize someone you know. But if you are tired or not sure of the situation you are pretty serious!
You love to play with hands of whoever is holding you. You are obsessed with grabbing and holding onto fingers. When someone is talking to you, and they move their hands your eyes immediately watch and you start reaching out and grabbing. You also love to look at my watch and try to suck on it! This month everything goes straight to your mouth! Teethers and your Sophie the Giraffe have become instant favorites. You know that you can gnaw on Sophie, and you will chew and chew on her. As soon as I show you her, your mouth goes right open.
You love when anyone will look at you, sometimes you get bashful, but most of the time you flash a giant gummy smile at them! It is so sweet! You love people, especially kids. You look at them and start wiggling and going crazy! I can't wait for you to get big enough that you can move and follow behind. You are starting to move your arms and legs during tummy time like you are going to crawl away! You have mastered going around in circles on your belly! Every night I put you in your crib, and in the mornings you are all the way on the other side and upside down. You haven't quite grasped the concept of rolling, although you are almost there! You get half way on your side, and either roll back or suck your fingers!
You love tummy time, especially if the dogs are near by for you to watch. You have started grabbing their fur and collars. Luckily they are nice to you and just sit there until you are done. Tucker loves to lick your hands and face. He gets yelled at a lot for that! Sam has to check on you all the time whether you are in your crib or on the floor he always has to look at you. He stays in your room with me while I nurse you and loves to be in the bathroom with us while you are in the bathtub. Max just tolerates every one, he just likes to sleep! I think when you are older he will be your best buddy!

You are such a busy little guy! We have been watching daddy play softball on Monday nights and you love to watch everyone there. You sit on my lap or one of your grandma's laps and just look around!
Wearing your jersey to watch daddy play softball
You love to chew on your hands and suck on those two middle fingers still! I love it though! I don't have to remember to bring a binky with me, and when you are feeling fussy you just suck on them to make yourself feel better! It is so sweet! You are always covered in slobber from sucking on your hands and fists, one of these days you'll get some teeth but for now we will just put up with all of the slobber!

You sleep wonderfully still! I am so blessed that you like to sleep! You are taking at least two naps a day and sleep through the night! You are so fun in the morning! So smiley and love to play!
We got a new bouncer that you just love! You bounce and jump and play with all the toys! It wears you out.
It is so fun to watch you learn and grow. You are no longer a newborn, but a fun independent baby!
Cade, your daddy and I love you so much! You are our pride and joy! We cannot believe you are ours!
xx -- Mommy

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